haha! have fun at highschool today NERDS. i’m gonna be doing cool ADULT stuff like sleeping WHENEVER i want and CRYING 

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anyway i am Emotional i love all my friends and the new friends i made thanks to my gay wrestling obsession i wish i could visit u but france

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there is a ramones museum in berlin iand i visited it i love this world

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You thought you’d never see this but here’s deadprincescollege with my sister eating Burger King in Berlin

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hotfood cwmy face


Mein Herr - Alan Cumming
From his album “I Bought A Blue Car Today”

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I’m gay because in the podcast I’m listening cm punk is talking about buying a kigurumi


They done lost the lunatic.


They done lost the lunatic.

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im gay because in this nerdist podcast cm punk is talking bout buying a kigurumi

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yes but consider this

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does anyone have fic recs in any fandom i am in i have a need